Our qualified, professional representatives have a deep understanding of the lending industry.

The financial services have changed over our twenty years in the industry. The Business Loan Company has followed this shifting landscape, and seeks to offer guidance to clients on the best choices available from increasingly flexible options. We can arrange and advise you on the funding options available, whether that will be a traditional bank or lender or the newer models of peer-to-peer funding and private equity investment.

Our credentials

We have built strong relationships with our clients for many years. All of our qualified representatives bring the benefits of their professional and financial experience to the table, allowing us to understand the needs of a wide variety of businesses. The Business Loan Company and our representatives are authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority to provide credit-related activities, and we are regulated by the FCA. Credit-related activities include but are not limited to: acting as an intermediary between companies and lenders to provide financial solutions, financial advice and debt consolidation.

Our values

We want to guide our clients towards the right options for them, and to provide the best possible service. This is why we put three core values at the heart of our work.

Continuously Monitoring the Market

The market is constantly changing. We monitor the market closely so we can recommend tailored financial solutions based on the funding products currently available.

Cultivating Long Term Relationships

We’re not out to make a quick profit on a one-off transaction, instead we look to become your trusted go-to funding partner over the long term.

Providing Outstanding Customer Service

At The Business Loan Company, we firmly believe that all businesses should be committed to providing a high level of customer service. We put our clients first and foremost.