Funding for all sorts of businesses

Our clients have individual requirements, and our loan products are tailored with this in mind. Our representatives are experts in finance, and will arrange a loan product with your business needs in mind.

The Business Loan Company can find a funding solution that’s right for you, whether yours is a small business aiming to improve your management of tax, VAT and other essential business expenditure, or an expanding business looking towards expansion.


The retail sector is subject to seasonal fluctuations and ever-shifting patterns of supply and demand, often making cash flow more difficult to manage. You can soften the impact of seasonal cycles with a good financial product, alleviating some of the stress of the pattern and allowing you to focus your attention on running a successful business.

We can arrange funding that will help you do this, and there are options available. Seasonal products allow you to balance your expenditure more evenly throughout the year, allowing you to overpay during busy times, reducing the term of the loan considerably. You can then ease the pressures of tax and VAT bills, or the natural highs and lows of the sector.


Perhaps you’re hoping to invest in new equipment, or planning to improve your leisure business through a refurbishment or expansion. You could be aiming to improve your cash flow management, lessen the burden of a tax of VAT bill, or to soften the impact of peaks and troughs in supply and demand that affect your business.

Whatever the reason you’re seeking to balance the expenditure of your business, The Business Loan Company can guide you to the best products available.


Equipment costs in the manufacturing sector can be prohibitive, but with the right funding product you can purchase the equipment you need to keep up with the competition. You may also wish to spread out any hefty but essential business costs across the year, freeing up your cash flow, and The Business Loan Company can help you with this too. Our representatives will take your business’s requirements into account and give guidance on the options available.

Other Corporates and SMEs

At The Business Loan Company, we understand the high demands put on businesses in today’s market. Proactive financial management and solutions can help your business to stay profitable, grow and succeed in a tough economy. Our representatives know the commercial lending market well and are ready to tailor a financial solution to your corporate or SME business.


If you work in the professions, consider our sister firm, The Practice Loan Company. It specialises in arranging finance for professional practices, and has established a strong reputation with accountancy firms, healthcare providers, law practices and other professions. Our businesses are closely tied, and you can expect the same high level of service from both firms.


We have a number of established relationships with suppliers and introducers. Our tailor made approach to arranging the right finance product lends flexibility to these working relationships, and we have both the capacity and the funders to assist introducers and their clients.