Funding packaged to suit your needs

There are many different types of funding that your business could require and therefore we offer a variety of products to meet those needs. Whether it’s a cash injection to smooth out a short-term cash flow shortage or to cover a specific funding requirement, the Business Loan Company can help.

Professional Indemnity Insurance funding
PI Insurance will safeguard you against many financial and legal problems which can unfortunately arise.

Tax funding
Businesses can find their working capital severely affected by tax bills.

VAT funding
Quarterly Value Added Tax (VAT) payments can restrict your working capital.

Expansion funding
Funding options are available to help you, offering flexibility to realise your business’s full potential, and The Business Loan Company can arrange the best product.

Equipment, IT and Refurbishment funding
Our team will listen to your requirements and can arrange a finance option that’s right for your business goals and budget.

Unsecured commercial loans
Unsecured Commercial Loans let you borrow simply, without the need to secure your business or personal assets against your borrowing, or to switch banks.

Personal Loans
The Business Loan Company can arrange a personal loan simply and quickly with funds available within 24 – 48 hours of approval.

By using factoring or invoice discounting, you can confidently take control of the financial management of your business.