Improving business premises through refurbishment or upgrading your equipment or IT can be costly, and often out of your standard cash flow’s reach. Our team will listen to your requirements and can arrange a finance option that’s right for your business goals and budget.

Equipment, IT and Refurbishment Funding is available in various forms. External funding can allow you to keep your cash flow steady and spread the costs, with finance covering the equipment acquisition itself. This way, you can avoid high capital outlay.

Alternatively, you may wish to consider Lease Purchase, which takes away the tax burden of using capital to purchase high value assets. Hire Purchase or Lease Finance, another option, will give you ownership of the asset when the agreement ends.

If you already own assets which you wish to raise cash against, our representatives can advise on the best refinancing options.

For more information on the Equipment, IT and Refurbishment Funding options available, apply online or call us on 01543 439 737.