By using factoring or invoice discounting, you can confidently take control of the financial management of your business.

The Business Loan Company has fostered great relationships with reputable factoring companies throughout the UK.

You will be provided with immediate working capital by advancing up to 85% of the value of invoices in your sales ledger. The balance is then available to you when we receive payment from your customers.

Your customers will always be dealt with in a courteous and professional manner so you can be left to do what you do best, run the business.

Your business will be assisted in a number of key ways:

  • Flexibility– you remain in control of your working capital by drawing against available funds as you require them
  • No loss of equity– monies are made available quicker without parting with equity
  • Overhead reduction– your credit management will be handled for you No credit limits are imposed
  • Bad debt reduction– the professional management of your sales ledger reduces the risk of bad debt
  • No disruption to existing banking lines – the facility would complement existing facilities
  • Peace of mind– it is difficult to establish the value of knowing that your sales ledger is being professionally managed but it is very valuable.