Your professional regulator may require you to take out Professional Indemnity (PI) Insurance, but even if it is not compulsory in your field, it’s highly advisable to take out a policy. Any and all businesses working with their clients’ data or intellectual property, offering consultancy or providing advice to clients, should consider PI Insurance an absolute essential.

PI Insurance will safeguard you against many financial and legal problems which can unfortunately arise, and the peace of mind the right policy gives will allow you to work with confidence. There is a downside though, in the form of the considerable financial outlay involved in taking out a suitable insurance policy.

The Business Loan Company can arrange Professional Indemnity Insurance funding for your business, with affordable, unsecured loans at competitive rates. We work hard to make some of the lowest rates and most flexible terms available to our clients, and we strive to source prompt solutions. In addition, we can arrange Practicing Certificates.

Speak to us directly to discuss your requirements or find out more about the products available. For more information on Professional Indemnity Insurance funding options, apply online or call us on 01543 439 737