Businesses can find their working capital severely affected by tax bills if they don’t have a scheme already in place to help lessen the impact. Tax funding can help by spreading the cost throughout the financial year, leaving your working capital available for your business’s daily running requirements.

Tax loan finance can be arranged by The Business Loan Company, allowing you to use the loan towards your tax bill while resuming business as usual. We can arrange a variety of unsecured finance products, with options tailored to your business.

Options available include cost effective loans for tax relief, and a fixed repayment term of up to 12 months with a fixed interest rate to help you budget for the year ahead. There is also the option to prepare for future tax liabilities by rolling over your funding, leaving you in a position to cover them when they arise.

Speak to our consultants to find out more about the tax funding products available. For more information, apply online or call us on 01543 439 737.