Quarterly Value Added Tax (VAT) payments can restrict your working capital, straining your business’s cash reserves and day to day finances. The Business Loan Company can give you more options so if this is the situation your business is facing, consider VAT funding towards the bill. This can allow you to distribute the payments throughout the year, avoiding the impact of those larger payments.

VAT funding helps businesses to prepare for a fixed monthly expenditure rather than feeling pressured each quarter. It can also help by freeing up working capital for regular day to day running and keep your cash flow steady, and you can combine it with other financing options.

Our consultants are able to arrange a variety of products, giving you the freedom to make a choice that fits your business and cash flow. Options available include paying a fixed amount throughout the year with VAT funding, taking out a short term loan across one quarter of the tax year, or receiving funding every quarter. VAT funding loans can be available quickly, in just 48 hours, subject to an approved credit check on each of the business’s directors.

For more information on the options The Business Loan Company can arrange, apply online or call us on 01543 439 737.